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Welcome to Dyra Luxe- Professional Nail Products Store -

Dyra Luxe is a place where all your nail fantasies become reality. We offer a wide variety of products to make sure all your nail technician’s needs are being fulfilled.

Who are we ?

Happily married young couple with a passion for beauty. Our goal is to become the best nail supplier in the world, to build the biggest community of nail technicians and to offer our customers the best service.

How we work ?

With every order we pack, with every product we label, with every post we make and every single one of the conversations we have with all of you, we pour our heart and soule making sure we always provide the best services!

Our awesome products

We offer a large variety of glitters, nail tools, crystals, rhinestones, nail brushes and nail art. Our carefuly selected products are chosen and tested by us, making sure that what you receive are are the best quality for the best prices!

Most Wanted Products

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